Allergy season not yet over for allergy sufferers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) For some allergy sufferers, the end of summer doesn't mean the end of allergy season.

"Spring and fall is usually the most uncomfortable," said Robin Levine, who has suffered from allergies since she was a child. "And the symptoms include like a postnasal drip kind of thing, sometimes headaches."

Allergies will keep lurking until the weather completely cools down and weeds are to blame, said Edward Brotsky, an air quality specialist for the Mesa County Health Department.

The kochia weed is this week's main offender.

"They kind of look like little 6-foot-tall Christmas trees that you see all over the valley," Brotsky said. "That's kind of the biggest allergen offender in the fall of all the weeds."

Brotsky said pollen levels should start to decrease by early October, but until then, there are ways to alleviate symptoms.

"If they have a nose or eye allergy symptoms there are some simple anti-histamines that are pretty helpful," said Dr. William Scott, an allergist.

Scott said generic over-the-counter allergy medicines are as effective as the brand-names. He also said prescription nasal sprays can help those who don't find relief from pills.