Amendment 66 local reaction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Amendment 66 has been swirling in controversy from the start.

A nearly $1 billion tax hike would have been implemented had it passed. Now many people in Mesa County are pleased we won't be facing another tax hike.

"I'm very happy. A tax raise when we have a bad economy is a very bad idea," said Marjorie Haun a Grand Junction resident.

"I am thrilled Amendment 66 is not passing I understand statewide it's going down big time," said Ruth Ehlers of Grand Junction.

Locals gathered around various venues in Mesa County to watch the election night unfold, but not everyone was against Amendment 66 becoming law.

Resident Andy Hamilton comes from a family full of teachers, and they wanted to see the measure pass.

"I feel like it's very important to support the schools," said resident Grand Junction Andy Hamilton.

Hamilton wanted to see his tax dollars go toward education.

“I want my tax dollars to go someplace useful and I think that that [Amendment 66] is one of the best opportunities I have to support the schools," said Hamilton.

Resident Loas Dunn falls on the other side of the issue. Not only was she against the amendment, but she didn't believe any of the taxes collected under Amendment 66 would go to help schools.

"It's going to be controlled out of Denver, most of the money is going to go into the Colorado general fund and not even go to education,” said Dunn.

The odds may not have been in Hamilton's favor when it comes to the outcome of the proposed amendment, but he is happy he was able to show his support at the polls.

"I just think it's important to go out and vote how you feel,” says Hamilton.

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