Local business reopens as Amtrak returns to Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) It took three and a half weeks, but the California Zephyr train is rolling back through Grand Junction.

"That was the first train we've had in about a month, so it was pretty good to be up and running and working again, seeing a full store," said Dave Fedler, the owner of Dave's Depot.

The train had been rerouted through Wyoming since September 17 after flooding on the Front Range damaged train tracks.

But at 10 a.m. Saturday, the station and Dave's Depot convenience store welcomed the influx of customers after a slow month.

"It was pretty rough," Fedler said about the past month. "I'm glad I put some aside during the better months for the summer. Hope we don't have another big shut down because now I don't have any money set aside."

Dave's Depot is the only convenience store located right at a train station along the California Zephyr line.

"If they want to get something between now and when they get off the train, they can get it here or wait until they get off the train," Fedler said. "It's the only store that they have."

Amtrak employees also expressed their gratitude for the train being back on schedule.

"I know that the workers, it was hard for them," Fedler said. "It was real slow going with just the buses a couple days. I’m glad to see my regular train crew back who came in on the train today."