An old fad is making a come back

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - An old fad is making a come back. Slacklining is used as a way to learn to balance. Slacklining is a core work out. A line is stretched between two trees and you try to walk on it or jump on it. It is often the training used for rock climbers, but has recently grown into its own sport.

A.J. Schlechten and Cordero Marez are students at Grand Junction High School. The school has a slacklining club that students get to participate in. A.J. and Cordero like the discipline that is needed in the sport.

How big has slacklining become? Andy Lewis who has ties with the Fruita / Moab slacklining club, appeared in last year's Super Bowl half-time show with Madonna.

You can find a slacklining kit at your local sporting or outdoor store

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