Animal control: Owner hasn't turned over Dutch the dog

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO) -- A dog that a Montrose judge ordered to be euthanized has not been turned over to animal services.

Last week I talked to Jeremy Aguilar about the upcoming court date where he would hear the fate of his dog dutch. Aguilar told me if the outcome wasn't in his favor, he might end up breaking the law.

Jeremy Aguilar said, "'I'm not going to let this happen, whatever they decide or not, I've done everything they told me to do, at this point I'm going to break the law, if Thursday comes and they say I have to put him down."

And so far owner Jeremiah Aguilar has not given up Dutch the dog, according to Aguilar is violating Judge Richard Brown's Feb. 14 order that the American Allaunt be put down after he attacked a woman taking care of him.

Animal control officials say Dutch and the woman's dog got into a fight in November 2012, and when she tried to break it up, Dutch turned on her.

Montrose Animal Services Mike Duncan said "[Aguilar] didn't turn in dutch, the court ordered him to be turned in last Thursday at 3:30 in the afternoon and of course he didn't show up and so we haven't heard anything from him since"

Aguilar's attorney Amy Ondos would not comment on Dutch's disappearance, but she said they are still pursuing an appeal of the judge's ruling, and the deadline is Feb. 28.

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