Appy Holidays: Stress-free shopping apps

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Everything you need to help get you through this season is right in your pocket or purse. For a hassle-free holiday, there's an app for that.

The holiday shopping season officially in full swing, and serious shoppers are taking to the stores to check everything off their lists as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

But technology is streamlining the shopping process, putting everything you need right on your smartphone, and there are several apps geared toward making the shopping season a little less hectic.

First on our list: Coupon Sherpa, a free app that puts the power of coupons right in your pocket.
As you roam the stores, the app allows you to search for deals in your local area.

The best part? No clipping or printing required. Just present the mobile coupon to the cashier, and they can scan the code right off your Smartphone.

Next up: Grocery IQ. There are always those holiday parties to plan and meals to cook, and Grocery IQ takes your shopping list and simplifies it. Just type in the items you need, and check them off with the touch of a finger as you go. Best of all, they organize your items by aisle so you can easily navigate the store.

Finally: Key Ring. If you're like many people, you probably have a ton of "loyal member rewards" cards for the stores you shop at most. Key Ring takes the cards out of your wallet and puts them right on your smart phone. Just scan the barcode on the back of your card, search for the store, and key ring organizes everything in one easy-to-access list.

Just like coupon Sherpa, show the cashier your card, have them scan, and watch your savings add up, so you never have to fumble through your purse for cards, coupons, or shopping lists again. Key Ring also provides coupons right on your screen for the stores you already shop at.

Tomorrow, we’ll tell you which apps will help make holiday cooking less of a headache.

Key Ring, Grocery Coupon, and Coupon Sherpa are all free apps, and each is available on most smartphone app stores.

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