Are nearby businesses feeling the pinch from resolutions?

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It's been over a month since ringing in the new year, and just like the one before, many people vow to eat and drink healthier in the New Year, but that can slow down business for some.

Co-Owner of Enstrom Jamee Simons said New Years resolutions play a part in their quiet January every year.

"Christmas holidays are our biggest for sales, that's when we are the busiest and then it definitely slows down after Christmas, January is very quiet," said Simons.

Simons said their extremely busy December more than makes up for the break in January, and then business jumps right back up in February.

Wine Guy Rick Rozelle said Fisher's Liquor Barn sales are fueled by sports seasons.

"January is a good month for us, we tend to slow down in February... January people are still into the NFL football thing and hockey usually," said Rozelle.

And said the people that comes through his doors don't make a peep about resolutions.

"No not really or if they have made resolutions they don't tell us so we don't know that they have broken them," said Rozelle.

February on the other hand is a different story.

"You know we are a month a way from March Madness in basketball and Valentines Day is more of a date night then a big drinking night so ya February is when we taper off," said Rozelle.

While the health kick may have cooled business for a bit in the candy world, Simons said it's just all part of the annual cycle, as resolutions are made and then fade.

"We start to build our inventory after Easter and start to fill the big freezers full of candy so next fall we will have toffee for all the Christmas buyers," said Simons.

According to eating healthy and drinking less alcohol are the top two most popular new years resolutions.

Fortunately for the sellers of sweet treats and spirits, less than half of resolutioners stay strong for more than six months, with the majority dropping off by the first month.

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