Area fire and law enforcement team up to crack arson cases

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Fire departments and law enforcement in Mesa County are bettering their skills to solve fire crimes.

A new memorandum is bringing fire departments and law enforcement together to work on arson fire investigations.

Previously, select members of the fire departments would cross-train in police investigations. Now, this memorandum will pass responsibilities more smoothly between fire and law enforcement.

"Fire modeling, fire dynamics of how things work, the fire department we understand this really well, but you start getting into the evidence side, that's their side where they're really good at that," said Scott Myers, of the Grand Junction Fire Department.

A five-day training course this week spearheaded joint training for the agencies.

The International Association of Arson Investigators came to Grand Junction to teach about a variety of topics related to fire investigations.

Representatives from Mesa County, other areas of the Western Slope like Telluride and Montrose and even other states like Washington, New Mexico and North Dakota also took part in this week's classes.

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