Water testers worry residents about water quality

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - A company going door-to-door to test water has confused quite a few residents throughout the valley, causing them to wonder if their water is safe.

"One afternoon this young gentleman came to the door asking whether they could test the water in the house," said Jim Raff, local resident approached by a salesman.

Colorado Environmental Resources is a completely separate entity from area water providers, and they don't deny it.

"We are water treatment and purification company," said Vice President of Colorado Environmental Resources Miguel Favorel. "In no way are we affiliated with the city or state."

But somewhere along the way, confusion has come knocking on doors.

"All three water providers have had customers calling saying, 'We had someone coming to the house asking to sample our water,'" said Kristin Winn, spokesperson for the City of Grand Junction.

"I didn't even really think much about it," said Raff. "I just kind of figured Clifton Water is testing water."

One week later, CER called back with the results, and that's when Jim realized what was going on.

"They said, 'Well, we're into the water treatment,' and I politely said no thank you and hung up the phone," said Raff.

Colorado Environmental Resources claims they always inform their customers who they are. "Everybody that we collect a water sample for on that program is given a disclaimer that explains who we are," said Miguel.

If residents are still unsure, know this. Thanks to sampling stations throughout the community, area water providers will not spontaneously appear at your door.

"Unless you have a problem with your water, and you've called because there's an odor problem or a taste problem," said Kristin, "then we would come out to your home and check your water.

So just be aware.

"They were just trying to sell a product which I didn't need, so I told them no thank you," said Jim.

Those in the market for cleaner water may find this company beneficial, but for water customers thinking CER is affiliated with their water provider, that is not the case.

For further identification, the city says area water providers will always be wearing company clothing and driving company vehicles.

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