Guardian program proposal

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Another school shooting in California yesterday has some Grand Valley residents worried about school security. It was also a discussion at the school board workshop earlier this week.

There are many schools of thought when it comes to school safety, and armed volunteers are being proposed in districts around the country, including right here in Mesa County.

Responsible adults with weapons patrolling hallways of district 51 schools are just one idea for school safety in light of recent shootings. The Guardian Program was brought to the school board on Wednesday night, proponents suggesting trained volunteers be placed at each school.

Former Delta Police Chief Rich Bacher believes times are changing, and school security needs to change with it.

"I know that many teachers say ‘hey I didn't get into this, to be an armed person in this school’, but time is changing, situations are changing" said Rich Bacher.

But right now it's just one of many options, and school officials say there's a lot to consider.

"Well right now some things need to be changed with the law, concealed carry doesn't allow for citizens to carry on campus, and if they volunteer, do they work for the district, so there is a lot of legality to be worked out"

School officials say for now they're looking into a variety of options... but armed volunteers won't be patrolling the schools anytime soon.

District 51 officials are being more pro-active with anti-bullying training... hoping to prevent potential future confrontations. The school district is currently implementing a new anti-bullying program.