Arming parents with tools to keep teens drug free

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Georgia Home Boy, Adam and Bath Salts: all these are slang terms for dangerous drugs that teens can get their hands on.

According to a recent study, 90 percent of Americans with a drug addiction started using before they were 18.

This week at Crime Stoppers, parents got a guide to identifying illegal substances and ways to keep their teens drug free.

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputy Chad Williams says these drugs can have seriously negative effects on the user, including coma, seizures and impaired learning or memory loss. He walked parents and teens through the biggest issues surround youth drug abuse.

Williams said peer pressure is a big driving factor when it comes to using.

"Curiosity I think is just inherent in teens, and so they see people doing it and talking about it, and they will sell the upsides, and they try not to say much about the down sides, and the kids don't know what they are doing," said Deputy Williams.

For many parents, identifying the drug can be the hardest part.

"We are focusing on the packaging what they are, how they are marketed to the kids and what they aren't. As we know, one of the big things is bath salts," said Williams.

Research consistently shows that kids who learn about the risks of illegal drugs at home are half as likely to start using as teens whose parents don't sit down and go over the hazard and life-changing effects.

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