Avoiding Driving Dangerously

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Drunk driving, high driving, even getting behind the wheel while tired, all can put you and the people around you at risk.

But a Grand Junction company is trying to prevent drivers with any kind of slowed reactions from hitting the road.

Fox's Garage is now offering Safekey, a new interlock-type system that gauges your alertness before letting you drive away, and anyone can use it.

"It blinks a series of lights which then you push the buttons afterwards," says owner of Fox's Garage, Chris Fox. "It makes sure that you can react in time on the key fob and ensure that you'll be able to react in time behind the wheel."

There are two different kinds of Safekey system, the first is just the key fob with the passkey. Then there is another version that has the key fob system but also allows you to track the location and speed of the car it's attached to, making it perfect for a business or parents with a new driver

Installation of the system is completely voluntary and costs $300.

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