Avoiding a DUI

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Super Bowl 48 is fast approaching and the Grand Valley is sure to be partying through the weekend.

But what happens if your Broncos celebration runs out of liquor?

Getting behind the wheel after drinking is never a good option, which is why Grub Gofers will deliver alcohol right to your door for just a $5 delivery charge.

They won't deliver to just anyone though.

"If your ID's not valid and if it looks a little sketchy we won't deliver to you, if you're too inebriated, we wont deliver to you," says Grub Gofers owner, Robert Johnson. "It's basically just like you walk into a liquor store or a bar you have to follow the rules."

Rules the Grand Junction Police Department say don't go away just because it's Super Bowl weekend.

"You think about the cost of a DUI monetarily to yourself you're talking thousands of dollars," says GJPD spokesperson, Kate Porras. "But then factor in if you hurt yourself, hurt someone else or god forbid even kill someone else. Imagine what that cost would be to you, not just in money."

Grub Gofers doesn't just deliver alcohol, they deliver food from restaurants all over the Grand Valley as well.

While they currently deliver for thirteen restaurants in the area, every Friday, Grub Gofers will pick up food from any restaurant.

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