Avoiding another monumental tragedy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. On Tuesday evening, 16-year-old Marcos Comacho Guillen fell 100 feet to his death from the Independence Monument viewing area.

While the incident was a tragedy Colorado National Monument authorities say the situation could have been avoided completely.

At the time of his fall, Marcos had gone onto the wrong side of the safety railings at the independence monument overlook, a big mistake according to safety officials.

"They're not just here to be pretty," says Colorado National Monument Chief of Interpretation & Education. "They're high enough to be a suggestion that it's safer on this side and perhaps not as safe on the other side."

Authorities with the National Monument say they're in the middle of replacing all of the guard rails to make them safer.

The new rails are higher and have metal links underneath the top bars so visitors can't get underneath them either.

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