Avoiding contaminated breast milk

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Believe it or not, you can actually buy breast milk online.

Milk-sharing is not a new concept, but a study published Monday is revealing previously unknown hazards.

What mother's put in their bodies is transferred to their nursing children through breast milk... so how can parents who buy milk online know what kind of mother is on the other end of that web site?

A study in today's journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found nearly 75% of tested samples of breast milk bought on a public milk-sharing web site were contaminated with high levels of harmful bacteria.

"Many things do come across via breast milk," says Naturopathic Doctor Christopher Lepisto. "It definitely depends on mom's health once again."

Researchers believe their findings were the result of poor hygiene during milk collection.

But those who participate in milk-sharing say, it's something they do with people they trust.

"The vast majority of people that choose to do human milk-sharing, sharing breast milk, do so out of love," says Grand Junction mom and doula, Laurel Ripple-Carpenter. "As a mom, when I have been in need of breast milk and have used the community of moms around me to fill that need for my babies, it has been with people who I trusted, and knew were doing it as a gift to me and my kids."

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