BLM holds open house

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – The Dominguez - Escalante conservation area covers 210,000 acres and now the Bureau of Land Management is asking for your opinion on how to manage certain parts of the area.

It was named a national conservation area in 2009 and the BLM has been working on a resource management plan since that time. Currently the BLM has drafted up 5 different plans on how the area could be managed. The area of land spreads through Mesa, Delta, and Montrose counties.

The BLM held an open house at Colorado Mesa University on Monday night to seek out the public’s opinion on the issue.

"We need to understand how people want the land managed. you know there's a lot of different people, with a lot of opinions and we need to understand all those opinions and know how people feel about public lands so we can make a good decision later," says Collin Ewing, acting manager of the Dominguez - Escalante area.

On June 19th the BLM will hold a second open house for the public at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta.

The BLM can receive comments up until August 22, you can click on the link below for more information.

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