Bond set at $500,000 for Michael Blagg

KKCO 11 News has confirmed that an order has been entered for Michael Blagg's bond to be set at $500,000.

Currently Blagg has not posted that bond, he remains in the Mesa County Jail.

In an order issued by Judge David A. Bottger this afternoon he says that Blagg's case is now returned to its legal posture before trial. In his order he writes, "This includes bond as set on December 24,2002, as follows: $500,000 cash or surety with the conditions that the Defendant's passport would be held by the court and that he is permitted to leave Colorado only to reside with his mother in Georgia and only if his surety files written consent to his leaving"

In response to the order, DA Pete Hautzinger asked that the decision be reconsidered and filed an emergency stay with the court saying, in part "time is of the essense and a response MUST be filed prior to the close of business. Obviously, the People have had inadequate time to research the full impact and ramifications of the Court's action this afternoon with respect to the Victim's Rights Amendments. The people will file a more complete objection as soon as possible."

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