East Middle School floods, closes Friday

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Students at East Middle School get an unplanned three-day weekend.

A City of Grand Junction irrigation line broke on the northeast corner of the school, flooding the cafeteria and lower-level classrooms with muddy water.

Staff discovered the leak around 6 this morning and decided “it really would hinder our service, and we just couldn’t bring kids in. We couldn’t feed them breakfast or lunch, and so we canceled class,” said School District 51 spokesperson Christy McGee.

This is the second time this week East Middle School has experience some leakage. McGee says a little bit of flooding earlier this week, but it only interrupted service in the cafeteria for about 45 minutes.

But this time, the water will take more time to clean up. People with mops and water vacuums are patrolling the halls, sucking up the puddles.

There’s no estimate on the cost of the damage right now, but the city or school district won’t be the only ones losing out.

“We have new curriculum with pacing guides that really set what kids are learning almost everyday, at least every week,” said McGee. “And so when you’re missing that day of classroom instruction, it’s just unfortunate.”

But she said the district has built in a couple of free days, so they can cancel school without forcing students to play catch up.

McGee expects all the repair work to be done this weekend, and school should be back in session by Monday. The school district will work with the city to find out who will incur the costs of the repairs.

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