Tanker carrying oil rolls near Gateway


Officials don't know the exact cause of the accident that sent a tanker flying off the highway sending 7,000 gallons of crude oil into the soil and nearby creek.

They say the 10,000 gallon tanker lost more than 75% of the oil which is highly flammable.

The rest is being carefully transferred to an empty vessel for safe transportation out of the area in hopes of lessening further contamination.

"That spill is headed towards the creek down stream setting up for some damming and diking below to where we can contain that spill and keep it in the area,” says spokesperson for the GJFD Mike Page.

Hazmat teams were on scene and the company that owns the truck, Basin Western, has already sent clean-up crews to begin the process of containing the spill.

Officials say surprisingly the driver only suffered minor injuries.


A semi truck has rolled on Highway 141. State patrol and hazardous materials crews were called out to the scene because it's feared fluids may be leaking from the truck.

The first call came in at about 11:30 Monday morning, reports that a semi truck had rolled over along highway 141 near mile market 128.

11 News called the company of the truck, Basin Western. They tell us the driver of the truck is OK.

There may be some power problems in the area because of the accident.

Basin Western, a trucking company located just off Highway 6 &50 on Valley Court, was involved in a workplace incident nearly ten years ago that sent three people to the hospital. A propane tank exploded back on September 24, 2002 at the offices, causing more than $500,000 in damage. During that incident, fire investigators determined propane vapor was ignited while employees were working on the truck. A flash fire then spread to other parts of the building.

11 News has a crew on the scene near Gateway. We're gathering more details and will post them to this web story as soon as we get them.

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