Backpack program looks to provide food year round

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The children who rely on the backpack program to eat over the weekend, don't have access to the food during breaks from school, but the program's directors are trying to change that.

"There's a lot of kids that are going hungry out there and kids can't learn if they're hungry," said Mike Berry, executive director of Kids Aid. "So we can fill that void."

Kids Aid's backpack program helps nine percent of District 51 students by sending them home with food for the weekends.

The directors are looking to make it a year-long program by 2015 either by teaming up with local food banks or the Department of Human Services for summer and winter breaks.

"We're just exploring a lot of avenues," Berry said. "And hopefully we'll be able to get that done sooner rather than later."

The Kids Aid backpack program has given packaged food to about 1,850 children in District 51 each week so far this school year. That average is 200 higher than last school year.

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