Backs turned as Brainard took office

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Boos and applause filled City Hall this morning as new Council Members took offices. Many community members turned their backs as Rick Brainard took his oath of office, but supporters of the controversial elected official said he deserves his day in court.

"This community does not want him, he was elected under the assumption that he was looking out for citizens not that he would be causing harm to us," said No Brainard group member Robyn Parker.

Sheri Balster is a domestic violence survivor and said what happens behind closed doors should be private, between him, God, and the justice system.

"No I absolutely would not, that is his personal life, as long as it doesn't come into City Council and he does every thing he says he is going to do and he is a good member I think he has every right to be on the City Council."

Brainard said regardless of what happens he plans to take the high road.

"It is an important issue for me and it will be an important issue for me as long as I am in the public eye," said Brainard. "I don't expect anybody to invite me to the country club for saying it I know it takes doing it, and that's okay I expect to do it."

However, some hope he won't be on the job long enough to do much, Cathy Mortensen said she plans to proceed toward a recall election.

"Obviously he has no idea when to walk away, that was done before with his girlfriend and now at City Council," said Mortensen.

Brainard must be in office for 60 days before a recall petition can begin. A special election would cost approximately $45,000.

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