Balloons released in honor of Sandy Hook victims

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For many a different kind of chill fills the air this holiday season, and local residents continue to find ways to honor the lives of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary here in Grand Junction.

Local mom, Amanda Pinkerton organized a memorial ceremony in honor of the 26 victims on Sunday Evening.

"Being a mother of two small children, I couldn't imagine how an officer could walk up to there door step and say your child's passed," said Pinkerton.

Pinkerton and her family released pink and blue balloons on the corner of 1st and Grand. Each Balloon contained a photo of a victim.

"They didn't get to live their life, you know no more birthdays, no more anything and that is heartbreaking," said Pinkerton.

She said she wants the families in Newtown, Connecticut to know that event though they don't know her, she cries for them and feels their pain.

"You know here we are in this little town of Grand Junction, we have no idea who you are, but we love you and we are so sorry," said Pinkerton.

Pinkerton said she knows that for families who lost their loved ones Christmas will never be the same, but says she hopes their know loss will never be forgotten.

"They do have support in other places than where they are, and there are people in other places that are crying and in pain for them," said Pinkerton.

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