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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Just last year Colorado saw $538 million in property losses from fires.

It's hard for many of us to think about, but what would you do if you lost everything? Not many of us can easily list off everything we own; from electronics to the clothes in our closet, it adds up. Now there is an easier way to document your inventory.

Local mom, Jillian Miller, was living in an apartment when the entire roof caved in. Luckily, that day in the apartment was her last. She was moving out and when she went inside to grab the final box, the roof had collapsed.

“It was a triplex, so the upstairs water had just crushed the roof," said Miller.

Miller almost lost it all. Anything can happen when you rent, and Adam Hobbs of State Farm Insurance in Grand Junction knows this process all too well. He recommends renters insurance, and one of the first things he tells his clients is to keep an inventory of what you have.

“Make sure you take an inventory of what you have so in case something does happen, we'll be able to replace those things," said Hobbs.

Technology can make things easier when it comes to keeping track of your things. Keeping a virtual inventory of your assets is as easy as taking a picture and sending it to your online library.

Now many companies are offering a way to document your things online. State Farm offers their customers a program called Home Index.

“Any of our State Farm Customers can go on there, pick the room it's located in, add a picture of the item, which is great because they can put a picture of the serial number and I even put a picture of my receipt," said Hobbs,

Derek Dodson of Networks Unlimited agrees keeping an online inventory is the way to go and a great way to ensure your items can be recovered.

“Having that backed up, then if there's a disaster you have data copies somewhere so if your house is wiped out, it's not on a thumb drive so you can actually recover it in the event of a regional disaster," said Dodson.

After Miller's close call, she keeps track of her things, but now she may be doing it through cyber space.

“Not that way [keeping inventory], I think that's a great idea and it makes me think that I should go do that now," said Miller.

Networks Unlimited also offers customers a way to virtually store their data. It's an offsite background utility. In case of a disaster or fire at your home or office building, all of your data is stored and can be recovered.

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