Bear found in Grand Junction, put down for second strike

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction is no 'Hundred-Acre Wood', and according to officials with the Colorado Department of Wildlife someone's carelessness may have lead to the ending of a bear's life today.

At around 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning officials with the CDW along with officials from the Grand Junction Police Department and Fire Department responded to a report of a black bear in a tree near the 700 block of 29 1/2 Road.

Upon arriving CDW officers safely tranquilized the bear, however as the bear was in a tree it fell asleep whilst stuck in said tree. Eventually, a GJFD ladder truck had to be called to help return the bear safely to the ground.

Once secure, officials realized the bear had already been tagged once for foraging in the Grand Junction area. According to Mike Porras with the CDW, they employ a two strike policy - meaning that the second time a bear returns to a populated area they must be euthanized.

"The bear found an easy meal," Porras said over the phone. "So it returned to the source of food."

Porras also mentioned that during the summer months we as a community need to remember to secure our trash and store food properly.

Today we witnessed one of the consequences of not doing so, and a bear lost its life.

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