Bear prompts "shelter in place" at two Fruita schools

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FRUITA, Colo. A wandering bear creates some pick-up delays for two Fruita schools on Wednesday afternoon.

Footage of the bear was taken by a parent...reports of a bear near Shelledy Elementary and Fruita Middle School prompted quick action by school administrators to get kids home safely.

The Fruita Police Department called Fruita and Shelledy at approximately 1:15 P.M. Wednesday afternoon warning them about the bear and both schools were placed on "shelter in place" status.

Bus riders were identified and sent directly home and students who normally walk home from school had to be picked up by a parent, creating some long lines at school.

“If something had happened and one child had gotten mauled by a bear because there was a bear in the area everyone that complained and moaned and groaned would have felt really bad,” says Ginnie Lippert, a concerned mother.

Despite the long lines, several parents say that both schools responded in the best way possible to ensure the safety of the kids.

District 51 sent out a text message alert telling parents about the “shelter in place status” and how to pick up their kids from school in light of the bear situation.

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