UPDATE: Bear put down in Fruita

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FRUITA, Colo. According to the Fruita Police Department's Facebook page, officers came in contact with a bear in the area of N. Cherry Street and W. Roberson Drive.

The bear was put down.

The Fruita Police Department believes this was the same bear that had been seen in the Comstock neighborhood based on the ear tags found on it.

However, dispatch did receive an additional report of a different bear in the area.


Another bear has been spotted roaming around popular neighborhoods, this time in the Comstock neighborhood in Fruita.

The bear was seen early Sunday morning and the Fruita police department along with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

They tracked the bear moving from the Comstock neighborhood in the Salt Wash area.

Authorities sent out several reverse 911 calls to residents in the area warning them about the animal’s movements.

The bear is estimated to weigh 200-300 pounds and stand at 4 ft. tall from the shoulders.

While no injuries or damage has been reporter authorities are reminding all residents to keep trash and food stored insecure locations, because many bears come into populated areas looking for an easy meal.

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