Beating the odds

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A local woman already battling multiple sclerosis once again finds herself with the odds stacked against her, but she's keeping her hopes high that she will soon be released from this catch 22.

Diagnosed in 2003, Laurie Reiser has battled the uncurable disease with a smile on her face.

But now, a new set of issues is popping up it's head and she's looking to the community for help.

"I'm finding out that I can't get into the new house because I cant find a loan right now that isn't tied to my already living in the house," says Reiser. "Therefore I have to wait and go through all of the other exercises to get to where I need to be."

With the little money she and her daughter have from her disability payments, they had to pay professionals to pack and store their things to prepare for the move.

They may also soon need temporary housing because their current home may sell before new, better equipped one is ready.

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