Bebb-Jones pleads guilty, those involved find closure

Its been 16 years since Sabrina Bebb-Jones was reported missing and four years since her remains were found. After years without answers, Marcus Bebb-Jones Pleaded guilty today to the murder of his late wife.

"It was a very long drawn out case, with road blocks in it because Marcus never did report his wife missing and refused to talk to us about anything about the case," said Grand Junction Police Officer and lead investigator on the missing persons case, Kevin Imbriaco.

Imbriaco said even though Bebb-Jones wasn't charged until the body was found in Garfield County in 2009, he had his suspicions from the beginning.

"Because of our training and experience i always thought he was a suspect because in those types of cases its usually a person close to the victim that is a suspect and when you have a married couple and one turns up missing you start looking at the other spouse," said Imbriaco.

Imbriaco said Bebb-Jones never cooperated in the investigation.

"Marcus wound up going to Las Vegas after his wife was reported missing and then he wound up attempting suicide in Las Vegas i went to interview him and the first things out of his mouth were i want a lawyer and that's also unusual," said Imbriaco.

Jody Kliska was in a women's investment club with Sabrina, but said it wasn't long after she joined the group that she went missing.

"One of the last meetings I remember, it was at the Melrose hotel you know and Sabrina was so proud of being the business owner and she had her little boy and she was so proud of her little boy, you could tell she was bubbly and enthusiastic and happy to be here, " said Kliska.

Kliska said she tried to keep up with the case but for so long there was no news.

"You know I'm sad that the whole thing happened, but you know I'm glad that there is finally an end I'm happy that her family may finally get some closure and he gets to go to jail," said Kliska.

Sabrina's skull was found near Douglas Pass in 2009. At that point Bebb-Jones was extradited back to Garfield County from England.

Bebb-Jones struck a deal with prosecutors Friday and plead guilty to second degree murder in the heat of passion. This charge general means 10 to 32 years in jail but as part of the deal he will not serve more than 20.

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