Being safe in the snow

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PAONIA, Colo. A missing snowmobiler is found alive after being lost in the back country Thursday night.

And now rescue officials are offering tips to help keep you safe when exploring.

What started out as a fun snowmobiling trip with friends for Mark Hotz, quickly turned into a race against time and the elements for search and rescue teams.

Hotz and his friends were riding their snowmobiles on the Mesa when his group lost sight of him.

Rescue crews searched late into the night and again in the early morning, with the help of two helicopters and thirty people on foot.

Hotz eventually made his way to the electric mountain lodge where employees contacted Delta County dispatch.

Search and rescue officials were relieved the man was safe but say there are tools every one out in the elements should have.

They recommend carrying blankets, extra clothes, cell phones, flash lights, something to start a fire, and for those spending lots of time out there, a portable satellite radio.

"When you take one of these with you, you've got three buttons, you can push a button that says you're ok, tells people where you're at, there's a button where you can get your friends to come help you and then there's an emergency button that'll send a message to 911," says Quint Shear of Mesa County Search and Rescue. "If you spend any time out in the back country it can save us a lot of time finding you."

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