Beware of cell phone scam targeting Colorado

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) A warning to Colorado cell phone users, you may be the target of a recent phishing scam, prompting you to release personal information.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation's Identity Theft and Fraud Unit wants to warn the public of the cell phone scam. A robo-call, or automated voice, claims to be with your cell phone provider or a financial institution.

The robo-call is an actual phone number that shows up on your caller ID, it is not blocked or hidden. The phone number is linked to a business in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto Police Department has received more than 400 calls from Colorado residents about the scam in recent days.

Officials at the Better Business Bureau have a few tips to keep you safe from phone scams. Do not always assume the person on the line is who they say they are, take down information from the caller or automated voice and call the institution through a number you know to verify the identity of the caller. The same process applies to text messages and the BBB recommends not replying to suspicious texts because even if you reply with no or stop you could be downloading mal-ware on your phone.

The BBB also says you may not be exempt from fraudulent phone calls, even if you are on the 'Federal Do Not Call List'. They say criminals don't usually follow the law and can still contact you.

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