Billing mistake makes residents get hefty bill after blood draw

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Hundreds of residents wanted to get a head start on their health by getting their blood drawn early for the Grand Valley Health Fair.

The Fair requires participants to get blood work done before the two day event, but residents got more than they bargained for after getting a hefty bill in the mail for their draw.

The Health Fair offers low cost blood screenings to residents. This year they could pay between 20 and 95 dollars depending on the tests they wanted done, but dozens came home this week to another bill on top of the money they already paid.

Out of the nearly 400 people who got their blood drawn in preparation for the Health Fair, 178 of them got bills they were not expecting.

Phone calls from concerned residents about the bigger bill revealed one bill was more than $200.

Event organizers said the bills were a mistake and were the result of a billing error at St. Mary's hospital.

Requests for an interview with St. Mary's to help clarify the situation were refused.

Grand Valley Health Fair coordinators said they plan on calling every person affected by this and those who got one will not have to pay. However, residents may have awhile to wait before the issue is completely cleared up. One of resident said she was told by St. Mary's it would take several weeks to have it taken care of.

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