Bills introduced to limit HOA's power

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Homeowners in Colorado could soon have more protection from Homeowner’s Associations.

State lawmakers have introduced a set of bills limiting the power of HOA’s.

One bill, HB1277, would require HOA managers to be licensed through the Colorado Division of Real Estate. To obtain a license, the manager must pass a test evaluating the manager’s familiarity with state laws, financial statements and operating an organization.

“When you consider the amount of value an HOA manager can influence for many homeowners, whether it’s10 or 200, you really want that person to be qualified and know what they're doing," said Barbara Lucks, president of Your HOA Team. “If there’s a major mistake, you want some accountability.”

Another bill, HB1276, involves HOA’s ability to collect debt from residents, and requires HOA’s to offer payment plans for homeowners struggling to make their payments.

The third bill, SB183, prohibits an HOA from fining a homeowner who chooses not to water their lawn or a homeowner who opts for xeriscape landscaping during the current drought.

The bills follow the 2012 report from the HOA Information and Resource Center, which received 576 complaints from 309 different homeowners. Seventy-three percent of those complaints were about HOA and board members, while the other 27 percent were about HOA managers.

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