Raising bird-friendly beef

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DeBeque, Colo. (KKCO) --- Overgrazing has become a big problem across the nation.

Lack of habitat has begun to threaten several species of birds, including the local sage grouse.

The High and Lonesome Ranch is setting the standard for what they have coined as "bird-friendly beef."

"Bird-friendly beef allows us grazing but also doesn't inhibit the reproduction and the healthy state of the bird population here on the High Lonesome Ranch," said Paul Vahldiek, Ranch Chairman and CEO.

The ranch was visited today by trekker John Davis who is traveling from Mexico to Canada to promote the creation of a wildlife corridor across the western United States.

"People use highways; animals need wildways," said Davis. "Wildlife corridors are those pathways that animals can use to meet their daily need for food, shelter, mates and so forth."

The partnership between Davis' group TrekWest and the High Lonesome Ranch could lead to conversations about bringing both public and private lands together to promote a healthy and bio-diverse landscape.

"I think High Lonesome Ranch is an excellent model for thinking about how to conserve private land in the west," said Davis.

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