Blagg re-trial a '10,000-pound gorilla' on DA staff

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (DENVER POST) The Denver Post is reporting that Michael Blagg's re-trial will create quite a strain on the staffs representing both sides.

"It's a huge 10,000-pound gorilla to drop on my staff, " Hautzinger told Nancy Lofholm of the Post. "It's massive. This has a ripple effect across our whole office and across the whole community."

The Colorado public defender's office has a different perspective.

"We've got the same issues. The difference is that we are not going to complain about it," Colorado public defender Doug Wilson told Lofholm. "We are going to tee it up again."

Wilson's office is funded by the state and received a budget boost from the legislature last year.

The public defenders who represented Blagg in his first trial, David Eisner and Ken Singer, have since retired. So Wilson's office must begin with a new cast of attorneys.

It's hard to quantify just how expensive the retrying of this major case will be, however based on staff hours alone it could climb into seven figures.

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