Murder conviction vacated for Blagg, but he remains in Mesa Co. jail

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Thursday morning during a status hearing, Judge David Bottger vacated Michael Blagg's murder charge. The court order or judgment means the murder charge has been deemed null and void. Since Blagg's murder conviction is no longer in effect, both sides argued whether he should be let out on bond as he awaits a new trial.

The defense team for Blagg asked if the original bond amount, of $500,000, could be reinstated. Judge Bottger didn't make an immediate decision on whether that would be allowed under law, but he told both sides he plans to research the issue and make a determination by the end of the week.

If Blagg is not granted his original bond from the first trial, there will be a hearing in October to determine bond. He's currently on a no bond hold until the matter is decided.

As Blagg entered the courtroom he was wearing a red jumpsuit, an indication he's being held at the maximum security housing unit inside the Mesa County Jail. He blew kisses to a few people who had come to the courtroom to see him.

Blagg returned to the Mesa County jail where he will stay until the new trial is over. He was transferred from the Colorado Department of Corrections facility over the Labor Day weekend. A new trial could take quite a while, during Thursday's status conference, Blagg waived his right to a speedy trial.

A new trial date has not yet been set.

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