Boy scouts raise flags to thank veterans for freedom

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Boy scouts are thanking veterans this Independence Day with a proud display of red, white and blue.

The scouts put up more than 130 flags around the perimeter of the Grand Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

There were plenty of American flags, but also military flags, state flags and historic flags with 48 stars to show pride for our country's history and those who fought for our rights.

"We come almost every time they're up," said Sharon Sandahl, whose husband was in the military. "I mean I love our country. I'm very proud of our country, proud to live where we do."

The flag raising is a tradition for boy scouts to honor veterans on Independence Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veterans Day.

Many of the flags around the medical center were donated from families from the caskets of former military members.

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