Boy's specially-made bike stolen for the second time

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO) A young boy is stuck watching his friends and family ride their bikes from the sidelines after his custom-made bike was stolen for the second time.

"He just deserved everything he had and for it to be taken away, it's just something I just think is very disrespectful and just so sad," said Kyauna Martinez, who babysits for the family.

12-year-old Cy Delgado has retinis pigmentosa, which has made him legally blind. He also has no peripheral or night vision.

He had a special bike that allowed him to ride around his yard alongside his brothers and friends.

"It's perfect because it's big enough," Martinez said. "It rides over grass and stuff perfectly easy, so he can stay in the yard and be a big brother with his two brothers."

The bike was stolen from the Delgado's yard for the first time in late spring.

The family tracked it down months later only to get it stolen again, right out of their garage.

"I feel like they just only thought of the income for themselves instead of who they were hurting," Martinez said.

Cy's family and friends are trying to get the word out to either find the bike or raise enough money to buy him a new set of wheels.

It will have a price tag of two thousand dollars.

The original was donated by someone at the Delgado's church and it was specially made for Cy and shipped in from Florida.

"I'm hoping to get a new bike," Cy said.