Bradford says she never threatened to leave the GOP

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - State Representative Laura Bradford calls the events that have unfolded in the past 16 days "freaky."

Friday morning, a Legislative Ethics Committee dismissed a complaint against Bradford over a suspected DUI traffic stop, citing a lack of evidence that she used her position to avoid further testing.

Rep. Bradford, (R-Collbran) says she's not suprised by the outcome, as she's been claiming innocence since the allegations first came to light. Says Bradford, "I wasn't concerned. I anticipated this outcome all along."

January 25th, Bradford was spotted by Denver Police allegedly driving erratically. She was issued two traffic citations at the scene, and a cab was called to pick her up.

Friday, Rep. Bradford declined to comment on the specifics of that night, citing an internal investigation by the Denver Police Department.

After hearing the news of the incident, House Speaker Frank McNulty called Bradford and told her he was removing her as Chair of a Local Government Committee.

Rep. Bradford says was driving from Denver to Grand Junction when she got the call, and she asked Speaker McNulty to wait on making a decision. She recalled their conversation. Says Bradford, "I have no idea what the Police Department just said, can you wait for me to make some calls and settle this thing out, he was a little impatient, I thought, and took the next step."

That announcement set off a chain of events that lead to an apology from Denver police, and threats reported in the media that Rep. Bradford was going to abandon the GOP, giving up it's slim, one vote majority in the House.

She says she felt abandoned by her party at the time. Bradford says. "Both of those officers lied. They lied at the time, they lied on the ticket, they lied on their report, I don't know why. That's for the Police Department to settle over there. But it was frustrating for me to not have the support of my caucus at the time I needed it the most."

Rep. Bradford denies stating publicly that she would leave the party, and lays that blame on a media feeding frenzy. "A reporter, when I was walking down the hall, shouted at me, are you thinking of all your options, well certainly, they inferred party change, I never spoke the words, that the party change was on the table."

She adds, "My principals and values are Republican. They haven't changed in the last day, they haven't changed in the last week they're not going to change."

Bradford says she announced she would run for re-election last November, and those plans haven't changed. She says she looks forward to speaking directly with her constituents now that the ethics committee has made it's decision.

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