Brainard resigns from City Council

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Rick Brainard has submitted a letter of resignation from City Council. Citing a number of personal reasons, his resignation is effective immediately.

Rick was elected to City Council in April to fill one of the two at large seats.

City Council will convene in a special meeting tomorrow to discuss how to proceed in the selection of a new Council member to fill the seat.

Brainard's letter of resignation, dated July 18, 2013 says Brainard has 'reconnected' with his girlfriend Cindy after their April domestic dispute. He says, "She is certainly my biggest fan and supporter."

You can read the letter in it's entirety below:

Date: 18 July 2013
To whom it may Concern:

Effective immediately, I am stepping down as a City Councilor. While my time on City Council has been short, I have learned a lot about the complexities of our city. Furthermore, I have learned that our
city has a great City Staff that is second to none in my opinion.

Specific to my departure, I have held my head high since the night of the election considering everything that has transpired. I do this because it is who I am, those of you who actually know me know this. However, sometimes you come to the conclusion that if your time and efforts are not appreciated, then maybe its time for some new scenery.

The fact is I am not I violent person, never have been. I let circumstances get away from me April 5th and I am ashamed of that. Through all of that and my counseling, I have discovered many things about me, about my feelings towards Cindy and most of all about domestic violence. I have come a long way in my treatment/education as to how to best behave, all the time. I can tell everyone, the things you learn from the wonderful professionals that help you with domestic violence are an amazing set of tools. Frankly, tools that should not be kept in a closet until it too late but rather tools we are required to understand long before then. I was unprepared for that evening, today; I am doing things that would have kept me from all of this in the first place. I am proud of these changes.

In addition, I have become greatly disillusioned with our City Council. When I decided to run for city council everybody that knew me and supported me knew I was a free thinker and willing to take conservative risks. In business, you have to do that. So imagine my dismay when I have to read notes during city council meeting, clearly written in anger based on the number of underlines and exclamation points, from another councilman, because I didn't vote the way he wanted me to vote. And I certainly did not sign up expecting to have a father figure that feels the need to talk down to me because he somehow has the idea that I need his assistance. I never said, “tell me how to vote and I will vote that way”, or “tell me how to think and I will think that way”. To all that I say enough.

Cindy and I have reconnected and I have reorganized my priorities around her. She has been wonderful through all of this. She is certainly my biggest fan and supporter. She has never been, nor ever will be the reason for my actions; they were my actions and mine alone. We will continue to move forward putting those tools we both now have to use towards our future. We trust we can do this with the privacy that we deserve.

Rick Brainard

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