'Brass ceiling' breached: Woman to lead AF Academy

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DENVER (AP) -- The appointment of the first woman to command the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs marks another breach of the "brass ceiling" that keeps women from top assignments in the military.

An advocacy group says Maj. Gen. Michelle Johnson's appointment is significant because few women achieve her rank.

But Anu Bhagwati (AH'-noo bahg-WAH'-tee) of Service Women's Action Network says putting women into top assignments won't by itself address unequal treatment and sexual assault of women in the military.

Johnson is believed to be the second woman appointed to command a service academy, after Coast Guard Rear Adm. Sandra Stosz at that military institute.

Johnson's appointment comes during a time of progress and turmoil for women. The military is removing gender restrictions on combat positions but struggling to curb sexual assaults.

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