Monument still closed, rangers on patrol

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) The Colorado National Monument remains closed and trying to enter the park unlawfully comes with consequences.

As the government shutdown continues, so does the closure of many nationally-funded parks, including the Monument.

Barricades block the entrance to the park and access to it is prohibited.

"The penalties can really be variant because of officer discretion, anywhere from verbal warnings to citations and even arrests," said Chief Park Ranger Mark Davison.

Davison says they have rangers enforcing the closure throughout the Monument, putting himself and other rangers in a bittersweet position.

"This is not part of our regular job, we encourage people to come to national parks is why we're here and it's just frustrating that we are all put in this type of position right now," said Davison.

Rangers patrolling the Monument say they also want to create a presence at the Monument to make sure people still understand it's closed.

Officials at the Colorado National Monument Association say while the park is closed, they're losing out on entrance fee revenue.

They also say that money is used for projects that help improve the Monument, and those projects may be put on hold now.

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