Breast milk baby

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While Barbie dolls, Legos and video games are all Santa list staples, it seems every year retailers roll out a new, strange or bizarre toy. The 'Breast Milk Baby' is in the headlines again as creator hopes to get his product onto store shelves.

While there are skeptics of the suckling baby, some in Grand Junction say it could be a good thing.

"Well first of all I think it is a personal choice for a family to decide whether or not they want their child to have a breast feeding doll," said Dr. Christopher Lepisto.

Doctor Lepisto has a Naturopathic practice here in Grand Junction and said he would let his daughter have the doll if he had a child.

"I think in the United States we definitely have enough issues around things like breast feeding, for example in the state of Colorado we have had women be harassed," said Dr. Lepisto

The doll comes with a bib and reacts to the clothing making suckling sounds when it is held up to it.

"Very natural thing that's what our breasts are designed for," said Diana Jeffrys of the La Leche League.

While the La Leche League doesn't have a stance on the product or endorse any products, Jeffrys said breast-feeding is as natural as any other bodily function so why not learn about.

The doll will remain an online item and has not made it to any U.S. stores, but is popular in Europe.

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