Broncos-fever boosts local business

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Local business owners are hoping to cash in on our community's 'Broncos-fever', while law enforcement will be making sure Super Bowl celebrations stay under control.

Back in 1999, The Broncos beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl, causing a riot in the streets of Grand Junction. Law enforcement officials say they don't anticipate history repeating itself, but local businesses tell us they are ready to cash in on the community's excitement for the big game.

Karl Stephens is the ultimate Broncos fan. He's happy his team is going to the Super Bowl and feels the morale of the community is the key to boosting local business.

“It’ll help the economy at the mall, at the stores that have Bronco apparel, I know on Superbowl Sunday the town will be raging at all the different restaurants and bars," said Super-fan Karl Stephens.

Naggy McGee's Irish Pub plans on a big crowd coming to their bar for the big game. General Manager Brian Oliver says when the Broncos win, patrons spend even more money.

“People are in a better mood, people are more apt to have an extra dessert or an extra cocktail or those kind of things," says Oliver.

Liquor stores are also seeing a surge in sales. John Carson, the owner of Johnny's Beer and Liquor, says win or lose his customers are coming in to buy beer and liquor.

“Every time the Broncos play we get people coming in before the game and then depending on whether they win or lose we get people coming in after the game, either they're celebrating or they're crying in their beer," said John Carson, the Owner of Johnny’s Beer and Liquor.

:Jerseys and More" took a gamble by stocking up on their Broncos gear, but when they opened their doors Monday morning, the owners knew it was a risk worth taking.

“Probably more people than we've ever had in the shop at one time," said ‘Jerseys and More’ Owner Toran Taulbe.

For now, Super-fan Stephans is patiently waiting for Superbowl Sunday.

“I'm looking forward to winning on that Sunday," said Stephens.

The Mesa County sheriff's Office says they do not have any additional patrols planned right now for the Super Bowl, but they say their deputies will be on the lookout for DUI’s.

MCSO Officials also say after games they sometimes see an influx of assault and domestic violence incidences when people become intoxicated.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Naggy McGee's will be donating 15% of food sales for a local non-profit called 'Play On,’ which helps Mesa County youth become active.

Johnny’s Beer and Liquor will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday.

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