Broncos fans: beware of counterfeit tickets

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We're just four days away from the big game, the Denver Broncos set to host the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional playoffs. For fans, tickets for the game are some of the most sought after ever, which means it could be a prime opportunity for scammers.

According to the Better Business Bureau, playoff games like the Broncos matchup this weekend tend to bring out scammers selling fake tickets, and if you've been the victim of fraud, you might not even know it until you walk up to the gate.

"Sometimes you don't find out until you get to the gate that the tickets aren't real. The seller is long gone by that point, and they've gotten very good at creating fraudulent tickets,” Connie Quillen with the BBB of Southwest Colorado said.

But it’s not just street sellers; you also need to be wary of some online ticket sites.

"It can be a very big problem, not only because it's playoff time but because the internet has become an easy way for people to purchase legitimate and sell legitimate tickets, but also for scammers to push fraudulent merchandise as well," Quillen said.

The BBB says if you're a Broncos fan looking for a last minute ticket, make sure the site is trusted and that the payment processing page online is secure, showing an "https" web address.

If you want to verify that the company selling you Broncos tickets is secure, you can search for them on the BBB website and read reviews, and if you're using an online auction site, use sellers who have sold tickets in the past and have positive reviews.

When buying tickets online, you should never wire money, but always instead use a credit card so you can track your purchase.

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