Bully Extravaganza attracts big crowd

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Pitbull owners from across the Grand Valley got a chance to show how friendly and intelligent their dogs are, despite what some may believe. The 1st Annual Bully Extravaganza gave pitbulls the chance to show off their best strut, and even get evaluated by judges. Despite their sometimes not-so-nice reputation, owners and trainers say that pitbulls are great pets, just like any other dog.

"It doesn't make any difference, if it's a pitbull versus a Yorkie, versus a golden retriever. They're all the same, they're all dogs," says James Kohout, a certified dog trainer at the event.

Pitbulls could enter in the professional showing which judged the dogs on obedience. Other pets entered the "fun" round, just a chance for the dogs to be in the spotlight. Organizers hope to run the event again next year, attracting even more "bullies."

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