Bullying in schools

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) --- According to District 51 officials, ten to fifteen percent of students in schools are involved in bullying.

The district is still working to change the statistic and says educating parents is part of the solution.

The district defines bullying as an incident where there is an imbalance of power, while normal conflict is two equally footed individuals or groups who are at odds with one another.

"Bullying and conflict are dealt with very differently and necessarily very differently," says Prevention Services Coordinator for District 51, Cathy Haller. "It's not that one is more important than the other but we need that information to be able to solve the problem adequately."

Experts say parents need to be pro-active and educate their kids about bullying sooner rather than later.

District officials say they have created new literature intended to aid parents in talking to their kids about bullying that can be checked out from their child's schools.

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