Delta police: Beware business card abductions

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO) -- Police are warning against a new way predators might abduct their victims.

The Delta Police Department forwarded an email that tells the story of a woman who says she felt dizzy after taking a business card from someone she didn't know, then saw that person following her in a van.

Police said the card was soaked in a drug called Burundanga, a drug commonly used in Latin America. Attackers put it on business cards and then hand them out, so the drug incapacitates their victims.

Even though the drug hasn't hit the Western Slope, and there are still no confirmed cases in the U.S., law enforcement says it is still a trend to be aware of.

"Be careful of people who you don't know that are giving you things that are unexpected, business cards are one of them, a lot of people accept business cards, just for people to be careful what they accept," detective sergeant for the Delta PD Greg Birely said.

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