Businesses gear up for 'Small Business Saturday'

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It's a day small businesses like these look forward to each year, not only to help them kick off the holiday shopping season, but also remind shoppers supporting local stores helps keep money here in the community.

You could buy a lot of things at big name stores, but if they're available at small businesses too, why not purchase there instead?

"I feel like it's going to be a great holiday season, so we're looking forward to seeing everybody come downtown,” Pollux Clothing Company owner Ivy Parnasius said.

Small businesses around the community will be hosting their own version of Black Friday this weekend in Small Business Saturday.

“Instead of going to the mall, [families can] be downtown, enjoy all of our decorations, dining as well as shopping opportunities," Parnasius said.

Just like Black Friday, stores will be offering shoppers plenty of discounts and giveaways. Pollux Clothing Company will be giving away free shopping totes to customers and giving $20 gift cards to those who spend $100 or more.

"We’ve taken all of our sale and marked it down a lot more. We've taken a lot of stuff and put in on sale," Karios Children’s Boutique owner Carla Bruton added.

Small Business Saturday is also a way for shoppers to give back to the businesses making a difference in our community and support other local businesses.

"Your tax dollars go right back into our town and our community, so it is really important," Bruton said.

"We're the ones that employ a lot of people and give a lot of donations [to local charities]," Parnasius added.

"We bring in wines from small producers that actually grow their own grapes and make the wine on their estates," Crossroads Wine and Spirits owner Jerry Sica said.

In a world where big name stores dominate, small businesses can look forward to a day all about them and show everything they can offer chain stores can't.

"You get a lot more out of working with a small business," Sica said.

"It was a great day last year and we're hoping for an even bigger turnout this year,” Parnasius added.

Many small businesses will be offering their own discounts and deals Saturday. If American Express card holders enroll their credit cards and spend at least 25 dollars at a small business tomorrow, the credit card company will give them a $25 credit.

Those officially participating with American Express include:
- Dream Café
- Rockslide Brew Pub
- Dolce Vita II
- Il Bistro Italiano
- Pollux
- Girlfriends
- Browns Show Fit Company
- Grassroots Cycles
- Fins Grill
- Culinary Corner
- Naggy McGee’s Irish Pub
- Summit Canyon Mountaineering
- CandyTime Shoppe
- Bin 707 Foodbar
- Tangle
- Karios
- Main Paige
- Enstrom Candies
- Tenacious Brothers Pub
- LV Spa and Nails
- Total Family Wellness
- Mountain Equipment
- Sunshine Taxi
- Yoga West
- La Belle Amie

You can visit the link below to find a list of all participating stores and services.

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