CDOT crews continue to clear rockslide rubble

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Thursday's rockslide still has CDOT crews clearing massive amounts of debris and they'll be at it through the weekend.

Bulldozers removed the smaller rocks from the rubble Saturday.

"They're taking it and moving it off to the side," said Tracy Trulove, of CDOT. "Later we may even repurpose that area and put more vegetation and stuff and go back to natural so you're not really getting rid of all this rock."

Crews will break up the bigger rocks with blasting later during the weekend.

CDOT geologists said springtime temperatures can be to blame for rockslides because the moisture content in the rocks fluctuates, but they're difficult to predict.

"A lot of times the moisture content of the rock is what will happen when something like this goes on," Trulove said. "Especially this time of year in the spring, we have this cycle that we call freeze thaw."

CDOT crews said they're hoping to open the road back up Monday.

If you need to get up to the Grand Mesa before then, you can take exit 62 to the De Beque cutoff.

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