CMU cheers takes safety precautions

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. CMU is celebrating National Cheerleader Safety Awareness Month by keeping their team out of harm's way.

With all the gymnastics and stunting that goes into cheer, injuries can easily happen if cheerleaders don't take the proper safety precautions.

Having spotters around when trying new stunts and making sure you have the fundamentals down are just a couple of tips.

"You're always taught to move in progressions like if you can't do one thing, youre not supposed to move on to something harder until you've perfected that, and our coach really tries to work on that a lot," says junior, Chazlin Monger.

It's the job of the bases to keep stunts in the air and flyers off the ground while flyers remain as controlled as possible.

The most important thing for all cheerleaders to remember is to pay close attention to the stunts and team members around them.

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